Started from 1958, Our founder, Mr.Wabin Wannawatanapong has established his first tannery named Thai Animal Skin as a family business, focus on crocodile farming and skin. At that period of time, very few reptile tanneries were operated in the country.

The next generation, Mr.Somkiat Wannawatanapong, today's president of United Leather Product, expanded the business to crocodile breeding farms registered to CITES for captive breeding and modern tannery, then stepped forward to develop the crocodile skin finished products factory.

With more than a half century of experience, our tannery's products are now acknowledged as one of the world best quality crocodile skin with capacity of 200,000 pieces per annum.

Today, United Leather Product is a full range enterprise in crocodile skin business, comprises of 2 large crocodile breeding farms located in the middle north of Thailand and outskirts of Bangkok, a modern tannery, and crocodile skin finished products factory.


Our two crocodile breeding farms, located in Nakornsawan and Samutprakarn, are registered to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fuana and Flora (CITES). This registration ensures that our crocodile products both skin and finished goods are certified to commercial purpose worldwide.


Our breeding farms raise more than 50,000 live crocodiles, starting from hatch to commercial size ones. 35,000 heads are Crocodylus Siamensis (common known as fresh water crocodile). The others 15,000 are Crocodylus Porosus (salt water crocodile) which are admired as world finest and most expensive crocodile skin.

With our attentive farm keepers, excellent surrounding and accurate procedure in breeding and raising, result in our high-quality products from skins to end-use handbag, wallet, purse, belt, etc.

Beside commercial purpose, conservation awareness is also our main objective. Thousands of pure genetic Siamensis and Porosus without hybrid or inbreeding are collected for releasing to their natural habitat.


During the past 5 decades, our tannery has grown up from a small family factory to a new modern one equipped with hi-tech machineries with annual capacity of 180,000-200,000 pieces of crocodile skin with varieties of color and finished.

Advanced tanning technics and know-how are introduced to our tanning line continuously to ensure that we can meet our hi-end customers' satisfaction in both skins and finished products.

conveyed to our own finished products factory which will be created out in various kind of crocodile skin finished goods, for instant,


The annual production of our factory is 250,000 pcs. approximately, composed of 3 main categories;

1. Handbag 30,000 pcs.
2. Wallet & Purse 100,000 pcs.
3. Belt 120,000 pcs.

Benefited from having our own farms and tannery, raw material control can be done from the very first step of production. Research and development together with quality control which are taken action both in tannery and factory, associate with information from Marketing department such as fashion tendency, customer's needs result in our outstanding finished products both quality and design. handbag, purse, wallet, and belt with the sum of 250,000 pieces annually.

The main source of raw skins is our breeding farms plus some other selective crocodile farms from many countries around the world.


45% of our total capacity is exported to various countries such as U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Australia, U.A.E., Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. through our sole agents and subsidiary. The rest 55% is distributed domestically through duty free shop at Suvarnabhumi International Airport and other leading shops in tourist attraction area such as Phuket, Chiang mai and Pattaya

We wish to pay herewith our appreciation to the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, for accrediting us among the first 400 firms in using the trade name "THAILAND'S BRAND" in 1999 and "TTM" - Thailand Trust Mark in May 2012: a mark of diversity and refinement on our products.